90 Years of Service Between these Three!

Gary Goeden

Gary Goeden has been with the State of South Dakota for 30 years. He is the Point of Contact for Department of Human Services, Department of Social Services, and the Office of the Governor. He keeps current on the agencies’ key processes, critical applications, and active projects. The state agencies he assists and the BIT PMO team value his expertise and professionalism.

Bryan Dockter

Bryan Dockter has been with the state for 30 years. When he arrived at the state, Bryan worked in BOA delivering materials and mail. His diligence and attention to detail and delivery schedules brought him quickly to the attention of the computer room management who offered him a position. It wasn’t long before Bryan was a Third Shift Supervisor in the Computer Room, a position he would hold for more than ten years until moving to the position of Production Control Supervisor on the day shift. After a few years on the day shift, Bryan was invited to move into the mainframe security world as a RACF (for those of you whose geek roots don’t reach as far back as the mainframe, RACF is the Resource Access Control Facility for the mainframe) and door security administrator. Bryan remains in that position today, performing an important set of security and access functions for our clients and his co-workers.

Roger Reed 

Roger Reed has also been with the State of South Dakota for 30 years! He was first hired as one of the first PC employees in the state working on PC programming. Eventually, Roger landed in the Standards group which he says has proved to be quite a challenge. Today Roger is a Network Security Engineer. Rogers’s duties at BIT include helping out with daily cell phone issues and work requests. He also keeps the Incident Response Document up-to-date and is a valued member working to rewrite the BIT policy documents. Thank you, Gary, Brian and Roger, on your 30 years of dedication and commitment to the State of South Dakota! Keep up the great work!