BIT’s Biggest Loser Competition & Results!

A group of BIT employees took a step toward a healthier lifestyle with the Biggest Loser 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge. This round of BIT’s Biggest Loser challenge was scored on total percentage of weight lost and consisted of 13 BIT employees:

  • Andy Ogan
  • Apryl Conley
  • Bobbi Huck
  • Brandy McBride
  • Brian Oakland 
  • Dan Maxfield
  • Denny Nincehelser
  • Dino Brooks
  • Ellen Ludemann
  • JC Conley
  • Jeff Pierce
  • Lindsay Beckwith (DSS)
  • Ryan Ogan
  • Todd Hansen (BHR)
  • Twyla Millin

For many, the challenge included increasing their exercise, creating healthier eating habits and surrounding themselves with others working toward the same goal. Weight loss can be difficult, and each day we are faced with real-life temptation that we have to overcome. BIT is extremely proud of these individuals who took on the challenge—congratulations to each and every one of you!

BIT’s Biggest Loser was…(drumroll, please)… DINO BROOKS! Dino lost a total of 16.36% of his weight and gained $200 in his pocket! Below are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishers as well as their percentage lost and money earned.

2nd Place: Ryan Ogan, -10.38%, +$80 

3rd Place: Denny Nincehelser, -10.37%, +$40 

4th Place: Jeff Pierce, -5.96%, +$20

Congratulations to you all and best of luck continuing on with a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle!

*A special thanks goes out to Brandy McBride for organizing and running the competition for BIT!*