A Better Option of File Hosting Services

Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are very convenient for our personal use of files and photos. Yet, they are not acceptable for storing state data for a number of reasons.  They store data in unknown data centers around the globe managed under varying laws and by different groups.  The State prefers knowing where the data will be stored and what laws govern the data center they will be stored in.  In addition, their terms of usage often violate state legal requirements and good business practices.  A better choice for this type of service is the state’s OneDrive service that runs under SharePoint.

The service allows:

  • Remote access of your data;
  • Sharing of your state data only to specific individuals;
  • It is housed in South Dakota;
  • It is backed up regularly; 
  • And best of all, it’s available at no added cost to you.  

For more information or a demonstration of this service, please reach out to your BIT Point of Contact.