YouTube Downloader software: Useful, yet illegal

Recently BIT has received several requests from agencies to gain access to YouTube video downloader software. Essentially, this software allows you to make copies of YouTube videos. For what you may ask? The better question might be: what couldn’t you use a YouTube video for?

People use them in PowerPoint presentations, employee training sessions, software tutorials- you name it. Remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? One might venture to say that a video is worth a million. The point is: YouTube videos can be utilized throughout a variety of circumstances, making them invaluable.

So… Everyone will be getting YouTube video downloader software? Eh… Not quite. According to YouTube’s Terms of Service… It’s illegal.

Don’t feel like reading all that? Here’s the short of it: Unless you have permission from YouTube or the person that owns the video, downloading it is illegal.

One approach used to hammer into our heads the severity of downloading these videos illegally is to use the same analogies we have all heard a million times. You know, the ones about downloading videos illegally being equivalent to walking out of a store with a CD under your jacket? However, like the little kid who is told not to sneak cookies from the cookie jar, only to do it when mom’s not looking- not everyone fears the reaper.

Another approach is to revisit all of the possible consequences affiliated with downloading videos illegally. Not to downplay the severity of the situation, but out of all the horror stories that could be shared about people who have gotten caught pirating videos, you are probably more likely to get your tongue stuck to a metal pole in the middle of winter.

In some situations scaring tactics work- but this situation is probably not one of them. No matter how slim your chances of getting caught may be, the fact of the matter is, unless you acquire permission from YouTube or the owner of the video, downloading anything from YouTube is illegal and we can’t condone that.

If you have YouTube Video Downloader software installed on your machine, it will need to be removed.  BIT will be in touch in the near future with those that have the software.  If you have a need for a video from YouTube, please contact YouTube or the owner of the content to request a copy.

Over here at BIT we are trying to look out for your best interests. We care about you too much to let this happen to you: