Youth Digital: Creating Creators

Evolving societies require evolving curriculum. With that said, it’s probably safe to say no one would have guessed this evolution of curriculum would encompass the game Minecraft:
A little different than the logarithms and quantum physics you had to work through, huh?
A recently emerged online course, Server Design 1, allows children between the ages of 8 to 14 to actively develop and design their own Minecraft world using Java code. This course stems from a larger organization known as Youth Digital, whose goal is to “create creators.”
Justin Richards, Youth Digital’s founder and CEO explained, “What’s so great about Tech Ed is that it really has the ability to shift the way kids see the world and change the way they interact with technology, which is obviously a huge part of their world and will continue to be as they grow up.”
According to a report released in 2013 by Research firm CompTIA entitled, “CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2013,” professions in the IT field are expected to grow by 22 perfect through 2020.
The report explained, “The IT occupation with the highest project growth through 2020 is systems software developer. The total number of jobs will grow by 32 percent, from 387,050 to 510,906.”
Server Design 1 allows its students to learn Java coding and basic programming concepts for $250 a year. The course enables students to message teachers if assistance is needed and includes access to Java server, curriculum, tools and hosting with Youth Digital.
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