Two BIT Employees Now Have Royalty In Their Bloodlines

Typically the focus of our blog consists of relevant I/T news, tips-and-tricks, and our BIT employees. On this special occasion, we are going to take it one step further. As of recently, two BIT employees, Mary Word and Brent Dowling, now have royalty in their families… Or something of the sort!

Congratulations Murdoch Word and Cortney Dowling on being selected as the 2015 Pierre Homecoming Governor and Lady Governor!

Photo Cred: Grandpre Photography & KCCR Radio Station 

What do these parents think of their royal heirs?

Mary Word: “Murdoch is a genuinely kind person that smiles and talks to the other kids, regardless of who they are, what grade they are in, or what social group they come from. I believe it’s these qualities that have led him to be elected as Homecoming King and it’s these qualities that make me very proud of him!”

Brent Dowling: “Cortney is a very humble young lady grounded by her faith in Christ. She treats others with respect and encouragement. I feel that her humble persona is the quality that her peers were able to appreciate the most. Her mother and I are very proud of her accomplishments, but more importantly is the manner in which she accomplished them.”

Congratulations to the Word & Dowling families!