Outlook Feature to Save You Time: Insert Screenshot

Outlook has a cool feature that can save you some time. The Screenshot feature lets you quickly create a screen grab and insert it into the body of your email.

It seems that everyone knows about using Alt-Print Screen to capture the screen. And many folks use the popular Snipping Tool to grab part of the screen. However, we would like to share with you a feature that not many folks know about—the “Screenshot” tool that can be accessed from within Outlook!
Instead of having to search for the Snipping Tool or first taking the screenshot, saving it to disk, then insert it as an attachment in your email, you can just use Outlook’s Insert menu:
  • Create a new email message and click in the body of the message. Make sure the cursor is where you want to insert your screen clip.
  • Make sure the item you want to capture is visible OR at most only has the current document over it.
  • Under the Insert tab, click Screenshot. Depending on your ribbon menu setup, this might be a tiny icon—specifically, a little camera icon with a dotted rectangle.
  • From the Screenshot dropdown, click on one of the available windows to insert it. If you don’t see a window you want to insert, make sure the program isn’t minimized to the taskbar.
  • Alternatively, if you want just a portion of the screen, click on the Screen Clipping button at the bottom of the Screenshot dropdown. This will bring up a crosshair cursor for you to drag around the area of the screen you want to select.
Your selection should then be inserted into your email. There you have it!