The Power of Sesame Street

Remember back to kindergarten with milk boxes, recess, and laying down on your mat to watch ”Sesame Street”?  For Generation X and later, “Sesame Street” played a role in our lives.  Big Bird, Cookie Monster, The Count, and Grover taught important life lessons on the alphabet, counting, cooperation and getting along with others.  Just like technology, “Sesame Street” has evolved to teach children how to succeed in school and in life.  The stories told on “Sesame Street” are lessons beneficial to both children and adults:

       Grover teaches that life is an adventure – Take action before life passes you by;
       Cookie Monster illustrates the power of sharing but also the need of moderation for a healthy life;
       Bert and Ernie point out the benefits of being different and of sharing ideas to solve problems;
       Oscar never changes being his normal grumpy self but the cast continue to have hope that he will at least see the world differently;
       Big Bird instills that everyone is different but our world needs those differences; and
       Elmo shows us the power of positive thinking; a positive attitude determines our altitude in all we do.

Still, many people continue to call it a children’s show and dismiss its effect on children.  This is despite the fact that ever since “Sesame Street” was first shown on television, there have been numerous studies showing the positive impact it has had on children.  Recently, the most comprehensive study yet on the subject reaffirms the strong positive impact it has on children and their learning.  The study finds that the show has helped prevent children from falling behind on their educational skills.

Here is an article from the Washington Post that provides more details regarding the study’s findings on Sesame Street’s impact on the cognitive skills of children:

BIT Development Team 1 has a New Employee

Bryan Koch

Bryan Koch has recently joined BIT Development Team 1.   As a Software Engineer I, he will be supporting and assisting in the development of software applications mostly for the Department of Education.

Bryan was born and raised in Watertown, SD.  He is a recent graduate of Dakota State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Game Design.  Some of Bryan’s hobbies include playing and designing video games as well as camping.

Welcome to the BIT team, Bryan. We look forward to working with you.