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Graduation Speech at R.V. College of Engineering, May 2011

On behalf of the students of the Electronics and Communication Department, I can say that our time in RVCE has been a most memorable one. We have, together, been through experiences that have helped us grow as engineers, citizens and friends; and for this, we are thankful to have been in an institution such as this one.

In my time here, I have learned many things. But if asked to summarize, I think I would pick just two out of all of these accumulated gems of wisdom, in order to do them justice.

In our first year together, being the first batch of the autonomous scheme, we were told to be ready to accept an entire paradigm shift in the educational method. The focus was to infuse the students with a whole new vision – It was no longer just about how exemplary your report card made you out to be, but it was about how much you actually knew, and to what extent you could apply it in the real world. The continuous internal evaluation has realized its value today, when we are facing the industry with jobs, internships and projects. We are more ready than we would have been had our syllabus not stressed on the practical side of education. For this, I think we are all truly grateful.

Perhaps an even more important aspect of our learning was the most fundamental point about being alive – self-reliance. We learned that by slipping behind on any of our course work, we were only letting ourselves down, and no one else. We learnt that it doesn’t matter where you are writing a quiz – be it the classroom or the cognitive building – online or offline – our marks depended on us and nothing else. We learnt that formulae may be useful in a quiz, but unless you know its context, it will be useless in an internal. 

We have learned the meaning of responsibility. We have learned that it is sometimes better to listen, that to simply wait for one’s turn to speak.  We have learnt to follow, but not imitate.

But most importantly, we have learnt to understand for ourselves. This is perhaps the most valuable skill our institution has embedded in us. And for that, we are all grateful.

as delivered at the graduation ceremony – R.V. College of Engineering, May 5th 2011 – on behalf of the Electronics and Communication Department batch of 2007-2011.