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Help Me, Nuff

Dear Nuff,

I am a middle aged working mom, and I’ve been married to my husband for 8 years. We have a lovely 7 year old daughter, and things were fine until September last year.

My husband got laid off when his company bought over another company, and they went through a “creative restructuring” to “maximise employee efficiency”. In other words, being told he wasn’t indispensable to a company where he’d been working for over 9 years struck him pretty hard. He refused to leave home for weeks, and did nothing but sit and stare at his computer screen all day. I thought I’d give him a month to work over his depression, but he didn’t seem to get any better.

I’ve been busy with a new contract at my office this past month, so I’d asked him if he would take care of our daughter during the school break. He agreed, but that’s when the problem started. I’d get back late everyday, only to find my daughter unwilling to talk to me or look me in the eye. I thought this was only because I wasn’t spending as much time at home, so I promised myself I’d spend the weekends with her. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I figured out what was going wrong.

I left home at 7 that morning as usual, and decided to take my iPad with me to work. It was low on charge, so I thought I’d use my iPhone’s car charger to juice it up. I was a few blocks away when the iPad gave me a message saying that charging was unsupported with that charger. I decided to head back home real quick to grab my iPad power adapter.

When I got back home, I crept in to my bedroom to see that my husband had put on my underwear and some of my makeup, and was parading around the room trying to “strut his stuff”. My daughter was sitting in front of him, following him keenly; a look of bewilderment and confusion on her face. He was trying to imitate my voice, and saying things like how I used my “booty” to get a promotion, and how I “sucked balls” to keep from being fired. He proceeded to use a tube of face cream to imitate fellatio, and my daughter just sat and watched.

I couldn’t take it anymore, and I rushed out of there as soon as I could. I can’t face my husband anymore, and I can’t figure out if and how I should bring it up. Is he insecure? Does he hate me for keeping my job? Is he trying to turn my daughter against me? Please help me Nuff – what should I do?

A concerned soon-to-be-single mother


Dear iPad user,

The iPhone and the iPad both use the 30-pin connector to charge their batteries, but there are differences in the battery capacities. The iPhone/iPod Power Adapter is 5V, 1amp (5×1=5 watts), while the Ipad Power Adapters are 5V, 2Amp (5 x 2=10 Watts). So an iPad might charge using the iPhone’s Power Adapter, but it’s going to be way too slow. Car chargers for the iPhone are already strained delivering the required wattage as is, so it’s almost certain they won’t be able to keep up with the iPad.

The fastest way to charge your iPad is with the included 10W USB Power Adapter. The iPad will also charge, although more slowly, when attached to a computer with a high-power USB port (many recent Mac computers) . When attached to a computer via a standard USB port (most PCs or older Mac computers), the iPad will charge; but only in sleep mode. Make sure your computer is on while charging iPad via USB. If iPad is connected to a computer that’s turned off or is in sleep or standby mode, the iPad battery will continue to drain.

Take good care of your Apple accessories by keeping their unique charging requirements in mind.

Nuff said – Do unto others before they undo you.

to be continued.