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Dan Maxfield, State Disc Golf Champion!

On September 17th and 18th our fellow BIT employee Dan Maxfield participated in the 2016 State Disc Golf Championship Tournament hosted in Pierre by the Sharpe Shooters Disc Golf Club.

The tournament took place at Oahe Downstream and Steamboat Park, along with a temporary course at Hilger’s Gulch. The tournament consists of multiple divisions, opening it up to all ages to participate. The attendance for the past 2 years has been about 138 players.

Dan was able to walk away as this year’s state champion! He explained that he has played disc golf for about six years; however, this is his first ever state championship. When asked what his favorite part of playing disc golf was, he explained:

The best part is playing disc golf with my son, Matt. I started playing with my son about six years ago. We bought a couple of discs and went to a local disc golf park in Rapid City. We love playing the game together and traveling statewide to compete in disc golf tournaments every year. We usually compete in 6-10 tournaments annually. Disc Golf is also a good way to meet new people, Matt and I have made some good friends all over the state because of this sport.

When asked for advice he would give to someone thinking about picking up the sport, Dan said:

My advice to anyone thinking of starting would be to do some research on the types of discs out there and to buy discs that are specifically designed for a beginner. Some of my early frustrations with the sport was that I would buy a disc and would not be able to throw it right and then later on would find out that the disc was designed for a more advanced player. A person can get started with as little as one disc but some companies sell beginner kits that have a driver, mid-range, and putter to make it easier to get started buying discs. Also getting involved with a local disc golf club and ask questions, our club is a very open group that welcomes new players and offers any advice to help a new player. Our club the Sharpe Shooters Disc Golf club, which also works with the YMCA to run a disc golf league that starts in June to promote the sport and is designed for all ages and levels of players.