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Make Your Agency’s Intranet Page YOUR Home Page!

With the exception of a few agencies, when you open your internet browser you will be immediately directed to the State’s Home Page.

Recently, some agencies have been looking into the option of the internet browser defaulting to their agency’s intranet website. Department of Health happens to be one of the more recent agencies to make this conversion. When asked why they went this route, Barb Buhler explained:

“The goal of the switch is really to drive staff to the DOH Intranet and the resources that are posted there. We’ve made a concerted effort to add information staff need and have asked for (policies, fiscal forms, ACES guides, etc.) and wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to find it. Also, in spite of the fact there is a link to our Intranet in the footer of our main website, some staff commented it was hard to find. J This whole effort is just one part of a larger internal communications objective identified in our department strategic plan and our workgroup is continuing to look at expanding resources on the intranet.”

Barb later joked, “So far the response has been positive – one person commented they appreciate the easy access to our Intranet site but missed the “pretty pictures” on the state’s home page!”

While there might be a lot of other persuasive reasons to consider relinking your agency’s home page to it’s personal intranet- the point of this article is to inform you that the option exists! If you have further questions on how to go about this route, please contact your BIT Point of Contact (POC). They will be happy to assist you!