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State Tech Magazine Lists BIT’s Blog as one of the 30 Must-Read State and Local IT Blogs 2016

State Tech Magazine recently released an article entitled “30 Must-Read State and Local IT Blogs 2016.” The article is posted annually and contains a list of top blogs covering relevant trends, news, analysis and general information on state and local government IT.

State Tech explains, “This year, we’re seeing a rise in blogs that touch on smart cities and city revitalization in general. Also, several state IT departments have stepped up to leverage their blogs as engagement and education platforms, especially as they have undergone department-wide centralization and consolidation efforts.”

Any guesses on who made the list? You’ve got it- the BIT blog!

State tech describes BIT’s blog as:

“Home to Mount Rushmore, buffalo and plenty of fresh air, South Dakota boasts another thing that’s refreshing: the state’s IT department. In its blog, the group positions itself as accessible and friendly, and speaks to citizens in a conversational tone. For example, this post that literally shows the softer side of one of the state’s team members, who sews quilts. Given the rep that many in technology have of not being approachable, blogs like this help to ensure that IT is viewed as a collaborator with other agencies.”

So what makes BIT’s blog a “must- read”? Essentially, its employees! From drag racing, to soup competitions, to employee of the quarter, to chocolate making, we have plenty of variety! In addition to the personal features, the BIT blog also includes a lot of technology items as well. These items range from time saving tips to information on new technology with one end goal in mind: to help state employees do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

So please, if you have anything you think is pretty groovy, send your ideas to BIT’s Communications and Social Media Manager, Jessica Gebert. Let’s break the stereotype and show our audience that we are far more than just computer geeks :).

 The full article from State Tech can be viewed here:

State Tech Magazine Lists BIT’s Blog as one of the 30 “Must-Read State and Local IT Blogs 2016”