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The Cursed Know No Rest By Roger Reed

Long-time BIT employee, Roger Reed, has recently published his third book, The Cursed Know No Rest, with Amazon.com. The title for the book comes from the first story which is about the first sheriff of Granite City. The sheriff is an outlaw who took over the town before being cursed by a local Native American. The sheriff is now a zombie and cannot truly die until he redeems himself. As with the other two books, this is a collection of superhero stories. 

Roger enjoys thinking up and writing these stories and plans to continue doing so until he runs out of ideas. He keeps a notepad nearby for when inspiration strikes him. He jots down whatever story ideas, characters, and super power ideas that pop into his head. If one or more really captures his attention, he works them into a story. Normally he has no problem working ideas into stories, but sometimes it isn’t so easy. The first story he started on for his first book had a great initial situation with a heroine being kidnapped by a villain who was out for revenge, but then he couldn’t come up with how to proceed or what the villain actually does to the heroine. It took him a year and a half to come up with the idea of how to finish that story off.

While he tries to make all of the characters interesting, many times he has more fun writing about the villains than the heroes. He tries to make all of the characters stand out from each other, particularly the villains. Some are people who glory in the destruction they cause, others are out to kill people and superheroes, still others are on a mission, while some do what they want regardless of what people say about them. They are more fun to write about since they have fewer restrictions on what they do than the heroes who are limited by the laws of that version of America.

In addition to making the characters stand out from each other, he makes each story different from the others. While some are the normal action-packed hero vs. villain stories, others are more about people put into difficult situations and the people just happen to have super powers. For instance, the story that took 18 months to write is mostly about the heroine’s family coping with her loss and moving on. Book 2 had a story about a little girl who was fighting cancer. In a story he currently is working on for book 4, the main characters are teenaged superheroes who get caught up in a cult. That story has very little action in it and is more about how the characters deal with their situation along with the family dynamics involved.

In addition to superheroes, some of his stories feature wizards and other supernatural characters such as vampires and werewolves. He hasn’t written about aliens, elves, and dwarves, but he hasn’t ruled out incorporating them into his literary universe at a future date.

Roger plans to have a book signing down at Prairie Pages later this spring when the weather is more dependable.