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Please Welcome New Employee Chance Haka!

Chance recently joined BIT as a Software Engineer Intern for BIT. He was born and raised in Fort Pierre and attended High School at Stanley County.
He is currently majoring in Computer Science with a minor in mathematics at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Chance is scheduled to graduate in December of this year!

Initially, Chance was going to pursue a degree in Physics, but after taking some programming classes from a few enthusiastic professors (his favorite being Dr. Logar) he decided to switch to programming. He explained, “I view programming like a brain-teasing puzzle to solve, and that makes it fun for me.”

While working for BIT, Chance looks forward to contributing to projects being facilitated by the State and then later seeing these projects work by helping or being used by other South Dakotans.

In his free time, Chance enjoys reading books and playing video games. During the summer, he enjoys swimming and boating in near the Oahe Dam, particularly wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Chance explained,

“Surfing is a thrilling and power-imbuing experience, I feel in control of the water when I do it. I live near the shore of the Dam on a farm, so this makes it easy to go have fun. Once the water is warm enough, I plan on getting out there as soon as I can.”

Welcome to BIT, Chance! We are excited to have you!