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Dagmar the Diabetic Cat: Based on the True Story of Our Beloved Cat, Dagmar

James Pearson and his wife, JoAnn Fischer, recently released a book entitled Dagmar the Diabetic Cat: Based on the True Story of Our Beloved Cat, Dagmar.
James and JoAnn’s journey with Dagmar began in 1997. About a month after the couple had moved into their new house, James suggested that they should adopt a cat. James reminisced,
“At first we thought we would stop at the Sioux Falls Area Human Society ‘just to look’ and see what they had for cats. We ended up adopting Dagmar, a six month old black and white kitten, into our family. He would be a member of our family for over eighteen years. We could not have asked for a better feline companion.”
Dagmar was diagnosed with diabetes when he was eight years old, which is approximately middle age for a housecat. James explained that they noticed a change in Dagmar’s behavior when they moved to Pierre, stating,
“He was using his litterbox more often, eating and drinking more but losing weight and his long fur became dull, thin and matted. He was not nearly as active as he used to be. He was sleeping more and just lackluster. From personal experience we knew something was up and one visit to the veterinarian confirmed our suspicion: Dagmar had diabetes. He was put on insulin and given special food formulated for diabetic cats. In no time, he was back to normal.”
Sadly, Dagmar passed away about a year and a half ago at 19 years of age, which is equivalent to about 92 years in human years. It was James and JoAnn’s love for Dagmar that inspired them to write a book in the first place, James elaborated,
To say we loved that cat would be an understatement. Dagmar was a wonderful and loving feline and we wanted to share his experience with others, especially with young children that are diagnosed with this disease. It is our hope, that after reading this book, they will get a renewed sense of optimism knowing that if this sweet little cat can deal with this disease then so can they.”
To learn more about Dagmar’s story, check out James and JoAnn’s book on Amazon: