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In Paris a “Fab Lab” looking for a more sustainable world

Inventing objects “sexy as Apple but open as Wikipedia”.
This is the bet of inventors and international volunteers gathered for five weeks in a castle near Paris to perform twelve ecological and accessible to the general public projects.

en_paris_un_fab_lab_busca__un_mundo_mas_sostenible_1[1]At 55 kilometers from the French capital, in the countryside and not far from Versailles at the end of a bucolic road Millemont Castle stands on a domain of 600 hectares since the sixteenth century. Its owner entrusted the keys to a community that struggle for the energy transition in the middle of a setting of old stones and floral upholstery.

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‘Cool’ environment, volleyball, electronic music … “Really, we work here, we’re not just hackers in a castle,” says Daniel Kruse, one of the German initiators of this residence of artists, halfway between the ‘hackthons’ -maratones of programming, informatics and the “Fab Lab” (“Fabrication Laboratory”), open places advocating sharing and collaborative work tools.

Does the counter-summit?

Since 15 August, at your desk or in the classrooms converted into co-working spaces, some fifty young innovators, assisted by experts and equipment pointer (3D printer, digital milling, laser cutting), the head is heated to produce a solar generator, two-wheel tractor or a wind turbine 30 euros mounted on a bicycle wheel.

They are engineers, designers and creative self-taught. Their projects are made from an “open source”, ie, without patents or trade secrets, such as free software.

100 days cop21, the UN conference on climate to be held in Paris in December, this initiative, dubbed POC21 (for “Proof of concept” viability test) has contracumbre dyes.

“Let’s talk about the commitments of States, of the solutions to be developed by large groups, but we want to focus on collaborative innovation that comes from below,” says Benjamin Tincq, the co-initiator and co-founder POC21 OuiShare a laboratory of ideas collaboratively French economy, which devised this camp with the German collective Open State, a member of the same movement.

The objective of these five weeks in brief: see emerge “sexy as Apple but open as Wikipedia ‘products and solutions.

Bases on pallets

Are old stables converted into workshops for wood, metal and electronics with tools and advice at your fingertips? That is the “dream place” Jason Selvarajan decrees, Finnish environmental engineer at work for its “perpetual shower” that recycles water in real time and reinjected into the faucet.

“It’s like a megahormiguero where each ant is a neuron communicates with other neurons, exchange information and create a lot of new ideas,” enthuses Laurent Monnier, “journeyman plumber” camp.

In the long term, these innovators looking for a new industrial revolution based on “shared research and development”, “Here we will share plans for a wind turbine, tutorials, instructions refabricarla allow more people locally, repair, improve up infinity, “says Benjamin Tincq.

Between two work sessions, Jason has also developed a curry for people in the camp, such a participatory event to housework and potato peels are done together.

Futuristic camp

On arrival at this property, classified as historical heritage, volunteers, armed with screwdrivers, they have set up camp with a reduced environmental impact, equipped with dry toilets and beds made from pallets.

“It may seem a holiday camp or something creative ‘liberal’, but in fact is superestructurado” says Dominik Wind, German sociologist and one of the “facilitators” in charge of optimizing the life in community.

After the adventure projects will be presented in autumn in a catalog and the general public during an exhibition in the Paris region.

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