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In Our “Smart World” the Internet Touches all Aspects of Our Daily Lives

Is your thermostat putting your home network at risk? Things connected to the Internet –like smart thermostats, coffee pots, and refrigerators –need to be updated manually to protect the network to which they are connected.

In the future, our lives will become even more intertwined with technology. Our cars are quickly morphing into “computers on wheels,” the fully-connected home is nearly a reality and connected medical devices may offer tremendous benefits to our health and safety.

As technology continues to evolve and advance throughout all aspects of our life, securing a vast and complicated Internet ecosystem of smart devices including phones, wearables, cars, and more is critical to our safety and security.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and

BIT is joining with the Department of Homeland Security and its partners across the country to highlight the importance of cybersecurity to individuals of all ages and all segments of the community.

Follow the simple tips below to secure any object or device that sends or receives data automatically:

  • Keep any device that connects to the Internet free from viruses and malware by updating the software regularly and securing them with strong passwords whenever possible
  • Have a solid understanding of how a device works, the nature of its connection to the Internet, and the type of information it stores and transmits
  • Properly secure the wireless network you use to connect Internet enabled devices
  • Make the required manual updates to protect Internet-enabled devices. 

For more information on NCSAM 2015, visit www.dhs.gov/national-cyber-security-awareness-month.

To receive cyber security tips year round, visit www.dhs.gov/stopthinkconnect and become a friend of the Campaign. To help you start an online safety dialogue, the Stop.Think.Connect. online toolkit is filled with tips, facts, and shareable resources: