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Not Utilizing Your Microsoft Outlook Calendar? You should!

How using your calendar helps YOU:

· Mental Preparedness. Simply stated: when you know a task is coming you are more prone to being prepared for the task.
· Focusing on your task. Blocking your calendar for a particular event means that you will be focusing on THAT event (or at least you should be). You have allotted a chunk of time to work on a specific item.
· Improved Productivity. Knowing what you need to do helps you do it! It’s as easy as that. When you have a game plan you are more likely to be productive.
· Less Stress. Thoughtfully and strategically prioritizing your calendar by putting high priority items first and lesser priority items later will lessen your stress levels. This method should help you to better meet deadlines as well!

How blocking your calendar helps others:

Have you ever tried to make an appointment with a group of people, or maybe just one person?

You go to set up a new meeting, add the attendee(s) and enter in the date and time. Microsoft Outlook has a neat little feature that checks all the attendees’ calendars to let you know if that time you selected works for them as well. You look to the side of the meeting invite and see this:

All systems go, right? Not always. Just because someone’s calendar says they are free doesn’t mean they actually are. This is why it is so important to keep your calendar up to date. Personal appointments, work appointments, whatever the occasion you should block time on your calendar so people know when they can get ahold of you.

Remember the golden rule: do unto others as you would want them to do to you! You wouldn’t want someone wasting your time, so do your best not to waste theirs!