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Linda Schwartz: Serving the State for 10 years!

On Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 Linda Schwartz will be retiring from the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications.
Linda started working for the State of South Dakota almost 10 years ago as a Programmer/Analyst III and now serves as a Software Engineer III. Before coming to work the State of South Dakota, Linda worked for GE in Kansas City doing documentation, First Data Corp in Omaha where she analyzed credit card portfolio conversions, and Huntel in Blaire, Nebraska working on phone conversions.
She says since first starting, there have been more and more web and PC interfaces with the mainframe applications for DSS. Additionally, although Linda couldn’t cite one particular memorable moment that stood out to her, she joked, “I haven’t done a face plant in front of a crowd here, yet.”
Linda’s big accomplishments at BIT include bringing the Victims Services Management system online and creating the temporary Title 19 NEMT claims system that is still in use.
Although Linda will miss the people she has worked with, she is excited to have more time for reading, sewing and genealogy. Even though her work at BIT will be ending, don’t think Linda’s done working quite yet! She plans on becoming a certified genealogist, reading the backlog of 150 books in her bookcases, finish painting the inside of her and her husband, Dennis’,  home (3 rooms to go!), and laying new flooring in the living/dining/kitchen rooms. Phew!
Linda’s words of wisdom to those she is leaving behind? “Work hard, have fun and relax!”
While we will miss you, Linda, here are a few people who will especially miss you:
“When I moved into the Manager position for Team 4, Linda was always available to answer any questions I had.  I’m pretty sure she just felt sorry for me and was being nice; but none the less, she has been a great help to me and our team and we will miss her a great deal when she is gone.  Linda, enjoy retirement and if you come back to visit, bring us treats! JDeanne Booth
“It has been a pleasure to work with Linda over the years. I wish her a very healthy, relaxing and enjoyable retirement.”Janel Intorn
“I enjoyed my time working with Linda. She is able to appreciate humor, even some of mine!” Thomas Neugebauer
“Linda, it has been nice working with you! I wish you the best as you embark on the next adventure.” Sandra Ankrum
“Linda, your take charge attitude has always impressed me.  As retiring allows you to spend more time with family, please don’t forget:     
Family should obey direct commands.
If they doubt what you say, they should check your validation tables.
You should produce the final document.
You control all versions of your document.
I sincerely wish you the best of luck, and please do not use Jetforms to create your life’s document.  J Bruce Zachmeier

“It has been a pleasure working with my sister through the years. We have worked at different companies in different jobs together. Although I’m sure I was a trial to her growing up (Mom wouldn’t let her kill me), we have always been supportive of one another in the ups and downs of our adult lives.” – Crystal Drummond
Congratulations on your retirement Linda! We will miss you!