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Keeping Up With Kaitlyn!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Kaitlyn’s parents came to visit her and husband, Ozzy,in Germany! Compared to previous years, this Thanksgiving was a little different being that Germany does not celebrate the holiday. She explained, “Since we don’t have an oven in the apartment, cooking a turkey wasn’t really an option.”

[Berlin Parliament Building, Brandenburg Gate, Dresden]

While her parents were there, they visited Rothenburg – the full name of this city is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, which translates to Rothenburg on the Tauber (river) – as well as Dresden, Wernigerode, and Berlin.

[Magdeburg Street, Munich Palace, Neuschwanstein Castle]

Kaitlyn explained Rothenburg as being a fairly old and historic town. It was found in the Middle Ages. Since its establishment, the town has endured a few wars, such as the Thirty Years’ War and WWII. Both wars left parts of the city in rubble. Today, the city has been restored. In addition, they also went on a tour of the city with the night watchman, who was able to provide his own interesting flair of the city’s history.

[Neuschwanstein Castle, Potsdam, Rothenburg]
Dresden was also another city that was heavily bombed during WWII. One place in particular that suffered quite a bit of damage was the palace which is still in the process of being repaired and restored. Another castle that Kaitlyn and Ozzy visited was the Neuschwanstein Castle (which inspired the castle in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty). 
[Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Wernigerode Castle]

In addition to exploring Germany, Kaitlyn has also enrolled in a German class. She explained that the class is going well, but is getting more difficult as time passes. Evidently, German words have feminine, masculine, plural, and neutral cases. She said compared to learning Spanish, German is much harder!

With Christmas just around the corner, Kaitlyn is excited to spend time with her husband Ozzy’s family. Since Germany does not celebrate Thanksgiving, Kaitlyn said that Christmas shops have been open since around that time. While touring the shops, Ozzy tested out some “hot wine” (essentially just warmed up red wine), whereas Kaitlyn just stuck to the hot chocolate!