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Loyal BIT Employees Braving The Harsh Weather To Cheer On Their NFL Teams!

Lately, a couple of BIT employees have had the opportunity to catch a few football games!

Barry Higginbotham attended the Giants vs Vikings game in Minneapolis on December 27th with his wife, Jackie.

Barry explained, “As a 25th anniversary gift to Jackie, we went to our first NFL game. She is a huge Giants fan. Due to weather we left for Minneapolis on Christmas Day. We spent all day Saturday at the Mall of America, which was only six blocks from the hotel. The pregame opening introductions were probably the best part with all the fanfare and fireworks. The game started with a temperature of 13 degrees and dipped below 11 by halftime. I am still in shock at how expensive the concessions were. Overall, it was a good trip even though the Giants lost. Jackie was extremely excited to attend an NFL game!”

Meanwhile, Linda Plett and Dino Brooks traveled all the way to the land of beer and cheese to catch the Packer vs Vikings game on January 3rd.

 Linda, a loyal Packer Backer, went with a few girlfriends. She explained that the long standing rivalry between the Packers and the Vikings made the experience all the more exciting. She said, “Just the experience of Lambeau Field is amazing and the fans are diehard fans.”

Dino on the other hand was rooting for the Vikings. On Friday night before the game Dino was surfing the internet, saw some tickets for sale, and had the brilliant idea to road trip to Green Bay and catch the game with a buddy. He explained, “I like to attend sporting events at all different venues. I am trying to attend a different stadium each year. Last year I went to Kansas City to watch a game. This year I had planned on going to Denver for a game, but it just never seemed to work out.”

When asked what the highlight of the game was, Dino replied “The whole experience was great, the road trip, tailgating in enemy territory, seeing all the scenery at Lambeau Field. Of course the icing on the cake was the Vikings pulled out the win!”