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Scott Leiferman; 25 Years of Service!

Recently, Scott Leiferman celebrated 25 years of service for the State of South Dakota! Scott was originally hired in 1991 by the Department of Social Services Information Technology Development team. A few years later when BIT consolidated, Scott joined Development Team 4.

Currently, Scott serves as an Application Development Manager for team 4. Scott explained, “Development team 4 primarily provides service for the Department of Social Services. I currently manage 20 full time employees and 5 contractors.”

Scott explained that technology has changed since he first started 25 years ago:

“When I first started we used a ‘dumb terminal’ to develop applications. Basically, it is just a monitor with a keyboard that was tied into a mainframe computer. We didn’t use the internet or even PCs. Today, we have applications on our phones that we carry in our pockets.”

When asked his biggest accomplishment to date, Scott cited, “My marriage and children.” (Awwww  🙂 !!)

What’s his advice to the rest of us who have yet to make it to the 25 year mark? “The satisfaction you get is directly related to the effort you give. To keep your job fulfilling for a long period of time you need to be proactive about putting in the effort.”

Scott and his wife Bobbi have a 10 year old girl named Erin and a 9 year old boy name Jacob. They enjoy camping, boating, fishing, and hunting. Additionally, Scott enjoys coaching little league baseball and football. In his spare time you can find him playing catch or an occasional board game or video game with his kids!

Congratulations on your 25 years of service, Scott! Here’s to many more!!