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Around the World With Kaitlyn Martinez: The Final Edition!

In their last few weeks in Germany, Kaitlyn and Ozzy visited: Bremen, Brocken, Hamburg, and even went over to Prague!

Ozzy and Kaitlyn traveled to Bremen for a school excursion. The couple stopped by the Rath house, which Kaitlyn described as being similar to a city hall. Additionally, the couple scored some free tickets to Brocken, where they were able to go skiing. Kaitlyn explained, “Brocken is the tallest mountain in Northern Germany. It was Ozzy’s first time skiing.” She joked, “Everyone else went snowboarding because it was ‘so much cooler.’”


Kaitlyn noted Prague as being one of her favorite places she has visited since she has been in Europe. She explained that the picture taken of her and Ozzy was in one of the most confusing parks in the world. To get to the top of the trail, there is no distinct path to follow – so the walkers end up doing a lot of zigzagging back and forth. She also went on to note, “The people there were really nice.” 

Next time we chat with Kaitlyn, she will be back in good old South Dakota!