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Brian Oakland: BIT Employee & Radio Announcer

Brian Oakland has worked with BIT for 19 years and currently serves as a Web Server Administrator for the Data center. When he’s not at BIT, Brian does radio announcing for KGFX- where he has announced for almost 22 years!
You may have heard the voice of Brian Oakland on the radio from time to time. It’s possible you’ve even heard him over the lunch hour and then seen him in a meeting 5 minutes later. Although Brian is pretty awesome…. He’s not Superman :).
Brian explained “I usually do weekend on-air shifts, but record them on Friday evenings, or some time over weekends before the shifts are scheduled to begin. If I am asked to fill in for a weekday shift, I will usually record those the night before.” He elaborated, “Recording is still done in the studio. I don’t have any fancy equipment set up in my house or anything.”
He went on to joke, “It’s always funny when someone sees me in public just minutes after hearing me do a radio show on the air. Trying to explain my superhuman ability to literally be in two places at one time (without the help of my twin brother) can be pretty entertaining.”
Brian’s degree in Mass Communications from USD in combination with knowing the station’s general manager for most of his life helped open a door for him to start working at the station part time while in college.
Brian does play-by-play coverage of high school football, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling.  He has also done live on-air broadcasting and even DJ’ed weddings and proms back in the day. The man has done it all! Brian explained:
“It’s the play-by-play announcing that I have the most fun with.  I have a real passion for high school sports, and I have gained a lot of friendships over the years with parents, coaches, school officials, and even student-athletes, who usually have a great appreciation for what we do for them.  Watching the kids grow up before your eyes, from one year to the next, also makes it special.”
When asked if he has any funny stories to share along the way, Brian explained:
“I like to tell the story about how I was a Computer Science major at one time while in college at USD, but I changed my major to Mass Communication.  In an ironic twist of events, my full-time job is now what I turned away from in college, while my part-time job is along the lines of what I earned my degree in.”
Brian’s wife, Jami, works for DCI. The couple has two children: Justin who is a sophomore biology student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and a daughter, Carly, who is a sophomore at T.F. Riggs high school. The family has four dogs and one cat.
In his free time, you can find Brian bowling, playing golf and softball, making casino runs, and taking the scenic route when road-tripping.  His favorite foods include the famous prime rib from the Cattleman’s Club and movie theater popcorn. Brian also coaches youth bowling and softball. In the summertime, you can often find him at the batting cages down at the Oahe Softball Complex, where he serves as a coordinator of volunteer workers.  
If anyone is interested in free hitting for yourself or your kids this summer, feel free to get in touch with him!