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Adventures With Wayne Wayt!

Recently, Wayne Wayt went to Washington DC and Mount Vernon, Virginia with his parents, aunt, and sister. While they were there, they visited the memorials of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. In addition they stopped by the Washington Monument, a few Smithsonian museums, a Holocaust museum, and the Arlington National Cemetery.

Wayne explained that his favorite thing to see was probably the Jefferson Memorial, because most of the other exhibits he has seen before. He went on to say that because of the time of the year they were there, they were lucky enough to see the cherry blossom trees blooming, which was a beautiful sight!

When asked if he learned anything interesting on his trip, Wayne elaborated:

“The Holocaust museum, although disheartening, is a good reminder of atrocities that should not have happened and need to be prevented from happening again.  I appreciated the monuments to our founding fathers.  I think I particularly liked the Jefferson Memorial, not only was it my first time visiting it, but the quotes from Jefferson regarding the formation of our nation. One could stand and read his words and could tell that he was talking about something greater than himself and that the faith that our nation would endure.  With all the political rhetoric that is going on with the current presidential campaigns, it was refreshing to be reminded how our nation was founded.”