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Please Welcome Our New Employee Sarah Bachman!

Sarah Bachman has joined BIT as a Development Services Software Engineer.

Sarah’s family moved around a lot while she was growing up so defining one place as “home” is sometimes a challenge. She was born in Huron, SD, spent seven years in Duluth, MN as a child, but also graduated high school in Harrisburg, SD.

Sarah attended college at Dakota State University in Madison, SD where she pursued a degree in Computer Science and a second degree in Computer Game Design with a minor in History. She believes that BIT is good fit for her and is looking forward to learning, improving, and contributing here.

In Sarah’s free time, she mostly designs and programs indie games. Her focus in these hobby ventures is historically and scientifically accurate games that can be used educationally. She enjoys the outdoors with activities like camping, snowboarding, backpacking, and hunting. Sarah also plays amateur guitar for fun and for her niece and nephews. Her favorite movie is “Jurassic Park,” which also happens to be her favorite book and franchise.

Welcome to BIT, Sarah! We are happy to have you!