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Justin Brehmer Brings Pierre Royals To Pierre!

Justin Brehmer joined BIT 8 months ago as a Software Engineer I. Justin grew up playing baseball, but until recently the last time he actually played was when he was 12 or 13 years old in Little League.
So what led him to striking up a new amateur league in Pierre? Justin explained, “I figured baseball would be a good way for me to meet people since I am new to town. When I found out the old amateur baseball team (formerly known as the Pierre Rattlers and even longer ago the Pierre Cowboys) were no longer having a team, I figured that I might as well start a new one.” The decision to name the new team the “Pierre Royals” stemmed from the fact that their new jerseys are royal blue, so the name seemed rather fitting 🙂
The decision wasn’t as easy as it sounds! Justin went on to say “Since we are a new team with players that haven’t played in years, we have been struggling this year but we are improving every game – so getting some more fans in the stands could only help us out more!”
Justin is excited to be able to play again. He elaborated, “I have always loved playing baseball and didn’t have the opportunity when I was younger, but I do now and I really enjoy getting out there and having fun.”
For those of you who are interested, check out the schedule below so you don’t miss a game!
2016 Pierre Royals Schedule

Friday, July 1
Plankinton @ Pierre 8pm
Tuesday, July 5
Miller @ Pierre 8pm
Thursday, July 7
Pierre @ KWL
Sunday, July 10
Pierre @ Armour   Double Header
Thursday, July 12
Chamberlain @ Pierre
Sunday July 17
Aberdeen @ Pierre
Thursday July 21
Mitchell @ Pierre
State Tournament in Mitchell
August 3-14

Justin Brehmer- 520-0937