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SharePoint Tips: Setting Up Alerts

Set up alerts

SharePoint can be configured to send you an email whenever things are changed on either a specific item in a library or if anything in a library as a whole changes. This is useful since you won’t then have to go back and manually check each SharePoint site for changes. You can set up alerts using the Alert Me button in the Ribbon on any given SharePoint content area.

Clicking it brings up the New Alert window, where you add a title to the alert, the delivery method (as mentioned, an email to a specified address), the context of the alert (whether an alert is sent for any change at all, or only if new items are added, if existing items are modified, or if items are deleted), the scope of an alert (if anything changes, if a document changes, if a document you created or last modified changes), and how quickly the alert is sent after a change (you can set up an immediate alert, a daily summary, or a weekly summary, and you can customize the time for this).