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SharePoint Tips: Edit Lists With Microsoft Excel In A Familiar Datasheet-Style View

Edit lists with Microsoft Excel in a familiar datasheet-style view

Chances are you have a spreadsheet or two with a list of things; maybe it is contact information, or a list of dates or a summary of various projects and their statuses. No matter what it is, if you are using Microsoft Excel 2010, there is a really simple way to export that data out of Excel and into a SharePoint list, where you can then edit it natively within the SharePoint Web experience, either in standard view or in datasheet view.

From within SharePoint, select More Options from the Site Actions menu, and then from the List section, click Import Spreadsheet, and then click the Create button.

Type in a new name for this list and a plain-English description of this spreadsheet if you wish, and then browse to where the spreadsheet is located in your file system by clicking the Browse button and selecting the file. Once you are finished, click the Import button.

In the background, Excel will open the file and the Import to Windows SharePoint Services list will appear. You can select the range of cells for your list, and then click the Import button in that dialog box.

You’ll be returned to the SharePoint window and you’ll find your list, directly imported into the SharePoint database. You can then adjust the view and change the order of the columns, their names and more from the List tab in the List Tools group; just click List Settings to the far right of the window.