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New Photography Websites

Hello, I have to apologize that it’s been so long since I put up a new blog post.  I’ve been dedicating most of my spare time to starting up a new photography hobby on the side.  I’ve started a couple new websites and have been taking several trips to feed my new obsession with the Milky Way.

If you like the photos below, you can see more here:



Feel free to like and share on facebook.  I’d be eternally grateful for any help on getting the word out.

I still managed to get two new blog posts about 98% done that I will be posting up soon.  One of them is about Time Symmetric Quantum Mechanics, which offers an answer to Einstein’s question on why God would play dice with the Universe.  In the other I decided to tackle the meaning of life … easy one, right?

Hope folks enjoy the photos in the meantime.