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Was Buddha Just A Nice Guy?

With the Holidays and other distractions, I have been slacking on the blog writing for a little while now.  I thought I would ease myself back into it by sharing one of Dean Radin’s recent presentations called “Was Buddha Just A Nice Guy”?  I thought it was a pretty neat video, which contained some updates on the latest and greatest in the psi world.  Perhaps the most exciting piece of news was on the new meta-analysis which was performed on Dayl Bem’s work of not too long ago.  Bem is a respected psychologist out of Cornell that used his repute to get a psi paper published in a respected, mainstream psychology journal.  The backlash was pretty fierce.  Rumor has it that the most recent meta-analysis puts the effect at 6-sigma, which very strongly indicates, once again, that these psi effects being studied are real.  I’ve been thinking about an upcoming blog post that covers Bem’s paper a little more.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video by Dean Radin.